Tier 7 Vanguard V – Name Drop


Tier 7 of the Game Budget Support Fund!

Name Drop

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This is only available in this tier specifically.  Only four of these are available.  You will be mentioned in the game by BiT or Qu during gameplay.  Qu and Bit have a lot to talk about, why not be a part of their journey?

With this tier, you get:

  • Your name mentioned somewhere in dialog during the game
  • A voucher code for the game when it launches, to use on whichever platform you prefer
  • A personalized alpha build of the game, much earlier than the full game’s final release
  • Immediate Digital download of Demo music tracks
  • Digital Copy of Full Soundtrack upon release of the game
  • You get access to the behind the scenes forum
  • You get access to the Alpha Testers section of the forum
  • Your get your name in the credits as a tester


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