Tier 8 Vanguard V – Wooden Laser-cut USB Stick


Tier 8 of the Game Budget Support Fund!

Wooden Laser-cut USB Stick

SKU: Tier8

Product Description

This is a classy engraved and laser cut wood case, encasing an 8Gb USB Memory Stick.  This stick will come with a digital copy of the game, digital soundtrack, custom art, and this tier also comes with access to a personalized alpha build of the game, and access to the alpha tester section of the forum.

You will also get a custom wooden flare icon next to your online score submissions for everyone to see.  These icons are stackable if you own more than one.

With this tier, you get:

  • Laser etched wooden casing of 8Gb USB memory stick with digital copy of game, soundtrack, art, etc.
  • A voucher code for the game when it launches, to use on whichever platform you prefer
  • A personalized alpha build of the game, much earlier than the full game’s final release
  • Immediate Digital download of Demo music tracks
  • Digital Copy of Full Soundtrack upon release of the game (this is also included on the USB stick)
  • You get access to the behind the scenes forum
  • You get access to the Alpha Testers section of the forum
  • Your get your name in the credits as a tester


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